Celebrating Ten Years


Check back in on MARCH 1, 2020 for summer 2020 applications.

I do all my shopping for summer gift-giving at Truckee Thursdays!
— Kelly Wallis, Atelier


An Artisan Vendor is one who creates (with their own hands) the products they offer for sale. A majority of the tools and equipment used to produce their products must require skill, personal handling and/or manipulation. Examples: art, crafts, jewelry, clothing, photography.

Pre-Packaged Artisan Vendor Application

A Pre-Packaged Artisan Vendor is one who creates (with their own hands) the consumable products they offer for sale. These items include, food or drink items. Examples: chocolate, coffee, popcorn, nuts, etc.

Truckee Retail Commercial Vendor Application

Truckee Thursdays is a wonderful way to bring visitors to our beautiful town.
— Julie Huck, Gratitudes (owner)

Truckee Retail Commercial Vendors must have a brick and mortar retail store that operates during normal business hours on a year-round basis within the Town of Truckee.  

Non Profit Vendor Application

Non Profit vendors must be designated by the IRS as having 501(c) status. The organization's mission and activities are of charitable nature. Vendor will provide 501(c) status.  Please note that space is limited for Non-profit vendor space - we recommend that you get your application in early!

Each week I try a different food truck. It’s my favorite night of the week!
— Tucker Norred, Woodward Tahoe

Full Service Food Vendor Application

This designation is reserved for vendors who are: (1) preparing and serving food on-site; (2) typically utilizing more than one 10x10 space and are (3) offering menu item(s) that would be considered a full meal.

Food Card Vendor Application

This designation is reserved for food vendors who are (1) utilizing only one 10x10 space; (2) operate from a pre-manufactured vending cart; and (3) serve quick serve type items that would not be considered a full meal such as cotton candy, popcorn, lemonade.